Why Not Telluride?

Why Not Telluride you ask?  While Telluride is spectacular and I felt as if I were in Disneyland all the time, it does have it’s challenges.  And while I was there for three months, I had three places to live and three jobs, thus the challenges I’ll share with you.

One:  Housing is extremely limited not to mention Telluride is very secluded.  And another reason why I chose Telluride to start with!  For example, in the Telluride Daily Planet (that comes out twice a week) there are four pages of jobs for anyone that can get there, yet there is a small little partial column of available places to live.  Add in the fact that many homes between the town of Telluride and Mountain Village atop the Gondola are multi-million dollar homes with one owner who does not want anyone living in it while they are gone.  So while I had friends with homes that had eight rooms, it was understandable that they did not want to rent any of them out for seasonal employees like me or anyone else.  Nor did they want to be penalized for owning large homes, while I also knew of people who were living in their cars just to get to work.

If you ask me, it was a mess and here is my personal experience:  The first house I rented was shared with me via Facebook and the owner wanted me to coordinate the roommates, utilities and the lease which I did gladly thinking I’d have a place for the entire season.  That was until I became aware that she had her own set of issues, she could barely care about me or the house; I didn’t even get a walk through, and when I tried to make a list of “As Is Conditions” she broke the lease on Day 4 for me.  Well, with the rental market as it is, I found a replacement roommate in minutes until one of my roommates decided to move out of a shared space and into my room.  Ultimately, I ended up renting my room from her until she arrived and I found a new place to go.

Enter place #2.  It was in town and also needed roommates and all the utilities set up again, which I had done in my name for the first house until I moved out.  And again, the owner wanted me to do all the work gathering roommates and setting up the utilities in my name, but this time the house was not ready and there were still people living in it.  She asked me to wait, and wait and wait.

In the mean time, I about to start couch surfing because there was just so much waiting until I ended up on a crazy journey that sent me to five different people and ended with a call from a fellow co-worker that had a lock-off, which is a one bedroom space connected to his condo that was available but it was at a hotel.  He said, you can move in and enjoy for the time being so I was thrilled and rented place #3 from him for the month.

In that time, I had started my full time job for TelSki while we all waited for the snow and skiers to show up.  All of the stores were immaculately stocked and at my job I’d spend an entire day getting the area ready and only see a handful of members.  It was quiet but I kept busy making sure all the details were handled, knowing that it would be crazy busy soon.  During my off time I met so many great people and even started teaching yoga and auditioned to teach spinning at a new studio.  I loved Telluride, my work mates, my room mates, and even got a Colorado license, post office box because the first house wouldn’t allow us to use the mailbox associated with the house and that should have been my first red flag, but I didn’t want to see it, and new bank accounts in town.  I took the Gondola to work and loved the fact that most of the members were from Texas and with my background in ClubCorp and teaching for resorts, I was thrilled to be there.  I’d developed a few coaching clients that worked perfectly with my schedule via Skype. While Giselle went with me everywhere on my days off and Zoe started getting CBD oils that were definitely affecting her positively since she was on meds for Lupus.  We were great and I was committed 100% to my life there that kept unfolding in front of me with great experiences.

Until, I got two calls for interviews for jobs I’d applied for months in advance!  Let me preface by saying this all happened within 24 hours because I was left with my head spinning.  First, I went to work and then took my break for my first interview.  It was for a part time job that would work perfectly with my current job because it would have been on my own time, but the clencher was that it would have been long term and THAT is what I wanted.  I just needed more job security.  I didn’t want to be seasonal and my current job was scheduled to end in April.  I seriously wanted to stay for at least a year.  And that’s what I had originally intended with the first house.

And this brings me to Issue #2 with Telluride and that is the Work Force itself because as it turns out, these jobs wait for you to find your own housing to then interview who ever is available for the job!  And my manager had originally told me this before I came, he said, Sandy, find a place to live and there are plenty of jobs.  Telluride has a mix of eccentric, happy, educated and amazing people and I loved every minute I was there.  I’d even had my portfolio sent to me so that I could respond to requests.  I was totally proud of experience and happy to take my time and focus it for the local community in a  long term full time job.

I was so excited about the second interview and it would have been a fabulous full time job, so when I heard from my manager on my day off I knew it was not going to be good news but still I showed up.  And that’s when, just an hour after my interview high, I was told that I didn’t ghost enough (fade into the wall paper) around members and hung on to long to a conversation and that my name had come up a few times and it was time to sever ties, oh and by the way, your team mates feel threatened by you.  As my manager kept saying, you have so much going on, and this is a front line job.  I actually cried, and you know why as my roommate shared with me, because I cared.  Others told me later that I did my job to well and most likely it was members of management that felt threatened.  At this point, all I knew was that I’d done my job.  I’d done everything I said I would do.  Just like with my roommates. I was very clear about my intentions and I showed up 100%.  Being in transition is stressful but it was just happening and I was staying afloat happily.  It had been an emotional day but I went to sleep without a guilty conscience and got 12 hours of sleep.  Bliss.

When I woke up I didn’t know what to do but to take care of myself and the girls.  It felt great! Because at first I was told that I’d be working Christmas, New Years and Spring Break and I was all in.  But now, I was available and I hadn’t even had time to purchase gifts yet. Thank goodness I’d put all of my Holiday Cards in the mail in time. I actually went out and bought more cards to send to my new friends in town including Thank you cards for those I’d interviewed with.  Yes, I am one of the last souls that actually send out hand written thank you cards because I was thankful for the opportunity to interview with amazing community leaders.

And within those 24 hours, House #3 called that they were finally ready for me to sign a lease and that’s when I had to pass.  I am averse to sticky situations and there was obviously a reason why her house was never ready when it was originally supposed to be and why I was in a great but temporary situation.  I was getting used to living in a hotel.  It was gorgeous and I knew everyone there.  I could walk to the grocery store and there was a hot tub and maid service.  But if I wasn’t working then, I needed to leave.  Plus, when you work for TelSki you receive a Season Pass and I didn’t check mine, but I just knew that it didn’t work anymore.  Thank goodness I used it to snowboard on the mountain just a few days earlier.  At least I got one day in! And it was fantastic.  I remembered the mountain so vividly.  I knew where I was going and it had been years since I was first there.  It was spectacular.  I felt as if I had my very own pastry chef aka the chocolate man from Zermatt and the Chef was totally fun and had a great dog… I could go on and on.  Plus, I even ran into my manager, bought him a shot and gave him a hug saying, Thank you for setting me free, and I meant it.  I spent time enjoying myself and having fun.  On Christmas Eve, I made brownies and shared them with everyone on staff.  They had taken care of me and I wanted to thank them with a hand made special gift.  And since I hadn’t made any plans, I took myself out for a nice dinner and ran into friends and even met new ones including a guy that offered to hire me!  Again, I went to sleep like a rock knowing I’d had a great time.

But then, my roommate had guests arriving, that I knew about in advance, and I had plans to house sit so on Christmas Day I spent the day packing my things and moving to the most beautiful home, Home #4.  It was in a canyon and since it had just snowed and I didn’t have snow tires, I got to park in the heated garage and take their red jeep.  It was a slice of heaven for the time I was there.  It was peaceful and secluded and silent.  All I had to do was take care of the animals and myself and I’d found a waffle iron!  You see when I first moved into town, I was sad to have forgotten my waffle iron and kept checking Telluride Sweet Deals and even Second Chance Thrift shop for one and ended up with a Toaster oven and Sunlight lamp.  Finally, I could make waffles and that’s when I knew I was leaving.  The same thing had happened before I left for Texas earlier in the year while house sitting for some friends in their fabulous new house in Conifer.  But this time the waffles weren’t just square, these were circus animals and I ate a Castle. With $8 French Vanilla Whipped Cream since I was in a resort town and everything was 30-40% more expensive, but it was perfection.  That can of whipped cream even came home with me to Houston.

Now that I’m back and have spent the past week in a love hug from all of my friends, family and clients, I am happy to have had the chance to live and work in Telluride and Mountain Village.  I’ve got so much to write about from 2016 and my Seriously Silly Six Month Sojourn.  And it was my turn for a road trip after taking others on theirs.  From July 15 to December 15 was a fabulous journey.  At first I left scared and broke with a “check in the mail” but with a lead food that got me to Colorado pretty quickly.  To returning ready to publish the first of five projects sitting in my computer.  And more importantly for the journey itself: Dispersed Camping, Getting Fully Sniffed by an injured mamma bear looking for food for her one cub, getting circled by coyotes twice, and then having to leave because of the Displaced Housing Situation in Telluride.  Whew! I’ve got stories to tell!  And now I’m more focused than ever.



Why Telluride… You Ask?

Why Telluride… You Ask?  Well, it is one of the first places where I was completely and irreversibly inspired to follow the unknown.  You see, I was in Telluride with my then husband, for a corporate meeting and retreat.  While he was in meetings, I was just learning how to snowboard and could only heel side, which meant I was tired most of the time trying to get down the hill.  Plus, my ex husband was learning how to fly, so he loved having to take a mountain flight from Denver to Telluride and the fact that the landing strip was angled up towards landing planes.  So, I ventured out one day on the slopes to get the best picture I could of the landing strip for him.  It was beautiful the way it’s set out like a cliff angled up to the sky, greeting planes as they landed while still in the air.

You can see this coming, when I didn’t know that I could lift down the mountain on the gondola or ski lifts so I went out as far as I could to get a great picture, and then got exhausted trying to get home on the snow going painfully slow.  Finally, on one such fall to the snow on my knees, I got a sharp shooting pain that eventually led to a swollen knee.

The urgent care unit kept doing a weird test on my knee and then saying, She tore her ACL.  To that, I was horrified!  That’s THE worst!  The next day, while in a knee brace and on meds, I was sent to the Spa for the corporate Ski Day.  For some reason, someone had told me about getting a Reiki appointment at the Golden Door and the thought excited me since I’d never had an appointment like that before.  I figured Reiki was new and different and I wanted to see what it was like.

I called the Red Door spa and asked for a certain lady, that was also suggested and the person booking the apppointments was aghast, when she said, She books up months in advance, I doubt there will be anything for you.  But I’ll look.  Hmmm, she says, Well lookie here, there was a last minute cancellation so there is an appointment available for you today.  Great, I said, That’s MY appointment and took it.

Excitedly, I made it to the Spa and was led to her room for the appointment that seemed dark, but on bright white tile and as I layed down on the table that felt like a gurney because of the blankets on top of metal.  The lady was like Glenda the Good Witch as she floated around to me, as she guided me to the table.  She didn’t walk.  She flowed.

Laying down, she says, Have you ever had a Reiki appointment before?  I said, No, but I am definitely open and ready for a new experience.  She smiles, and as I am laying back on the table, she can see that my left knee is swollen and in a brace, when she suggests that we take off the brace for the appointment.  I took it off and then she floats down to my feet saying, Let me just put my hands on your big toes and see how open you really are.  She puts her hands on my big toes and all I felt was a huge warm wave of water rolling through my feet to my legs and all the way through my body, as she releases my toes, and says, Yes, looks like you are open!

She floats around my table and then sits behind my head as I doze off trying to stay away as the floating continues inside my body.  Then, before I know it, she is waking me up.  Sandy, you are going to feel a bit woozie and light.  What I need for you to do is go down the hall to the spa and step your feet into the water.  This will ground you immediately.  Take your time getting there, but make sure you put your feet in the water.

She is helping me sit up on the table when I notice that my knees are the exactly same size, and looking started, she says to me, You didn’t tear your ACL.  Your knee will be just fine.  Just have a doctor look at it when you get home.  The swelling was completely gone and as I looked surprisingly at her, she just gently smiled and floated on around me to help me stand up.  She is holding onto me, as we both start to float towards the door.

She points me down the hall, Thanking me for being so open and enjoying my first Reiki session, when she leaves me as I continue floating away from her.  By now she is waving and smiling good bye, before I turn to look ahead and see the empty women’s lockerroom, which I have all to myself.  Then, I see the spa entrance and continue floating into the room as the door automatically opens.  The spa seems spacious and guilded with shiny tiles and a vaulted ceiling with day light peaking through the windows, and as I walk up the stairs I come to a stop at the top.  Looking around at the beautiful spa full of bubbling water and knowing that no one else is there, I immediately remember to ask about Forest.  Forest the Fairy.

You see, my Aunt had seen a ghost at the end of her bed one morning, and was scared about the experience.  At the time I was teaching spinning at Lake Austin Spa Resort on Sundays and when I told a friend who worked at the Spa about my Aunt’s experience, she said, Oh, she needs to meet Jackie, the Angelic Reader.  What?  Angelic Reader?  What’s that?  Well, I got Jackie’s number and called her to schedule my own reading for my birthday.  It was coming up and I always did something new and special on my birthday.  Then, my mother wanted to join me, so she did.

We spent an hour or so at Jackie’s as she told us about our angels and guides and what they were trying to share with us.  Jackie had said, that I had three big fabulous, laughing ladies as angels and guides and that there was one more fairy, but his name was Forest.  And she didn’t know if he was good or evil and that bugged me.  What are you saying exactly?  I asked Jackie.  She said, Fairies can shape shift and go back and forth, but I shouldn’t worry about it even though he was not accepted by the three angels.

So, before I stepped into the bubbling beautiful water, I said out loud, Forest, Are you evil?  And as clear as I can hear mother nature, I heard a voice behind my left ear say, Yess!  And it surprised me, but I wasn’t scared.  Remember I am fully filled with light and feel like floating because I am so light.  But right then and there I said with conviction, Well, then, Forest, you can just be on your own way because we don’t need you anymore, I don’t want you here anymore, you can GO!  And with that last word, I threw myself into the spa with a splash!

And like that I was snapped back into the reality of living on the planet.  Being so full of energy and connected to everything expanding felt so wonderful and now I felt human and grounded to the earth.  I was back to walking.  The floating time was over.  And I wasn’t scared for myself because I had experienced so much love and connectness from my first Reiki appointment that I was forever changed.  Plus, my knee felt and looked perfectly fine.  Plus, from the spa, there was a small square window and it was the perfect view of the landing strip.  I took a picture.  See, I told those doctors that I didn’t tear my ACL and I was right.  That was another big experience for me to know how I felt even though the doctors put me in a brace and sent me off to get an MRI completed when I got home.  I knew it.  It’s fine.

For the longest time I never told anyone this story.  The fact that I did hear a response from Forest from behind my left ear, seriously kind of freaked me out.  All I knew was that I had to state my intention with spirits and remind them that I am living on this earth, not them.  And that they were just visiting me, for reasons I still didn’t understand.

At this time in my life, I am trying to have children and also learning that I was one of nine women, at the time, that had a predetermined genetic transolocation in chromosomes 8 and 18 that kept me from becoming a mom.  And this became a struggle within my marriage especially since we got everything else we’d ever wanted.  Why couldn’t we have our own family?

When I got back home to Austin, Texas I had to get an appointment in an open MRI and that’s when I found out that I had a slight tear in my medial meniscus.  Years later, after cycling and teaching pilates, I would have to have 20% of the medial meniscus removed.  But by then, I’d also have had Jackie over to read my entire families angels from futon in the living room.  We were all there, and she was reading us all at the same time.  My cousins, Aunt, mother were all there to learn more about the energy that surrounds us all the time and even today, Jackie is still in my life.  She moved to Boulder, after we moved to Evergreen and even now, she still teaches yoga but doesn’t offer anymore readings.  She didn’t like giving people bad news, she says.

Even during my divorce while living in Geneva, I’d call her to see what was going on with my marriage and she would tell me to get my finances under control because he was already hiding accounts and pretending as if he was never married and I didn’t exist.

Hearing from Forest was one of many experiences that I couldn’t believe for a long time and rarely told anyone.  That is until more and more experiences kept unfolding around me until I woke up to my own energy super powers.  Being around me means that your life is going to get moving.  You get increased clarity and inner strength to change what’s going on in your life and you start to figure out new opportunities to get those things done that make you happyest.  From coughing up what could have become a tumor in my lungs on my first day of Panchakarma, after chugging down a warm glass full of water and ghee, to facing a certain way to promote enhanced growth in my career path as prescribed by Feng Shui, I can feel the energy around my furniture and even germs from old sofas.  I’ve become ultra sensitive.

My gift is to mentor and coach using Theta healing, Meridian Tapping and even channeling feelings you are to close to realizing.  From clearing your house of unwanted and old stagnant energy, and energy from past relationships and lovers, everything in your possession affects you. For years I went through my things and if they reminded me of anything sad or negative, then they were donated.  Then, I had a one year rule, where if I didn’t use it or think about it within one year, then it had to go.  Plus, I finally gave away the necklace that my ex gave me during my final birthday celebration with him where he waited just to tell me he wanted a divorce, that I found out was the same style of necklace he had purchased for his new girlfriend.  Yes, he actually just bought two of the same thing.  He was trying to live a dual life since he could never do anything by himself.  He never had the courage to be truly honest with me.  Even today, more than nine years after my birthday where he was able to say with conviction that he wanted a divorce, he has never once shared the truth about the end of our marriage, and I only with him the best.  Yet, I know emotionally catastrophic incidences in peoples’ lives never just go away.  They manifest themselves into something deeper and more hidden like sickness and dis-ease with one’s life.  At least until the energetic experience caught up in the body is truly released and allowed to be healed.  All of my experiences have excelled my bodies ability to heal itself and to mirror, guide and support transformative experiences for my friends, classes and clients.

Sessions are available in the privacy of your own home, in person or via Skype and are very powerful for your long term outlook on life and happyness.  Please give me a call to see how I can support you!  713-232-9796. Sparkles

Shamandome @theBurn 2016

It’s been almost two months since I returned from my first Burning Man experience, and yet still I wake up thinking, You’ve just GOT to blog about that amazing experience at Shamandome!  OK, so here it goes:  After a long night out on the playa riding Puff the Magic Dragon with friends and hearing music from my childhood, I seriously felt as if I was in a dream.  I kept looking around, like am I in the Truman Show where everything is master planned for my enjoyment?  Well, Yes, actually, I know now that it is.  Fast forward, to seeing the sunrise at Radio Heart which is the most loudest music gathering in the middle of the morning I’ve ever experienced and it was epic.  There were people I had never seen before.  It was for the true burners if you asked me.  And again, I am loving this experience and feeling like a scout ant surveying the scene from every angle to know more about what makes this place tick.  Why would 80 thousand people work so hard and buy tickets to be here for this?  It’s the magic.  Pure and simple.  That’s the reason I came.  I wanted to witness it for real.  Not the little movies or blogs, but the real deal.  And let me tell you, nothing comes even close.  I watched and read everything possible and even rode with a burner who trained me on the way there about everything.  What to expect, what to do in certain situations, how to navigate the place.  But getting there and doing it, was a whole other experience I will never forget.  I wanted to witness a true community of gifting.  Not bartering, no way.  Really gifting from serious people who wanted to be there, and took time to plan ahead and get there to share their gifts.  It was truly magical.  I’d think of how I really wanted ice cream and within moments someone would walk into camp and say, Do yall like ice cream?  Because I can bring some over.  And I’d say, but do you have chocolate, and he said, Yes, I’ve got chocolate sauce.  YES! I got what I wished for, and every single time.  Except for some things, but they are on their way.

It was Saturday morning, and a group of us got back to camp by 9:30am, after walking to find our bikes from all the party hopping. I was starting to feel my feet, and they hurt.  But as soon as I got to my tent, I set my alarm for 64 minutes so that I could get up, change clothes, and head to Shamandome where I’d been invited to support a group healing.  And I felt so blessed to even get the invitation, that I wasn’t going to sleep through it.  So, 64 minutes later, I got up, and took off on my bike for Shamandome.

I got there and I was one of the first bikes to park outside the tents.  I went in and found the tent and while two others were talking, I finally ended up lying back and putting my hat over my face for a short snooze, when a guy comes in without a shirt, and looking around at us says, I’m starting a sound healing in the smaller tent and you’re all invited.  OK, I thought to myself, until he came up to me, and with his tanned skin and blue eyes, he looked at me and said, You would really enjoy this, Why don’t you join me, before he exits the tent.

I’m thinking, Well OK then, let’s go.  I head out to find him and a small quant group having already gathered in a small teepee tent and being the last one in, I took the last seat to his right towards the front, but next to another lady who seemed to be a part of the camp.  Shamandome workshop offerings were all about find your spirit animal and other offerings.  The day before I had ended up there with a new friend and participated in the workshop and was not surprised to find that my spirit animal is a Large White Crane.  Which I’d already known for some time, but it was fun to witness my partner in the exercise tell me again.  Plus, then when we each had a questions and meditated on answers for each other, my question was, Where am I going to live? Because I just knew that my road trip had to pause somewhere.  I couldn’t keep going from friend to friend to house sitting to house sitting forever!  So, when my new friend says, that all she could see where white butterflies flying out and out and out and out and that they never stopped coming out that she gave up asking over and over, but where is she going to live.  That’s when I knew it was just another journey after journey.  Sacred journeys of the white butterflies that always showed up when I was in a light energetic time warp with tears gently streaming down my eyes.  I smiled.  Yep, that’s me.  White Crane moving slowly and graciously in motion, watching from the side of a pond everything happening and endless amounts of white butterfly journeys.  So, being here in this small teepeee for a Sound healing with this beautiful man was exactly where I knew I needed to be.  I could feel it.

Quickly and succinctly he says, I spent time with indigenous people in south america, and this is a sacred snuff ground up from a local berry used in ceremony.  He shows us this pipe that is bent down and up as he says, you will need to look into my eyes as I initiate you before blowing the snuff up your left nostril to connect your crown chakra to christ consciousness before  blowing the snuff into your right nostril which will ground you. Then, I was already in a meditative state as my mind was tired and I was open to new experiences.  It was my seventh day on the playa and all the old programming had already ceased for the magic to happen, which really ramped up on Wednesday.  But now, we are all seated in lotus and in between closing my eyes, i was watching as he started with two people to his left.  Soon enough he was in front of me, and I loved looking into his eyes.  By now, I am a bit nervous and excited but I am not moving.  I am here, this is what Burning Man is all about, just be Sandy, but let it be.  Then, it happened.  He is breathing with me, and then poof! the snuff is up my left nostril so quickly and I could feel the entire left hemisphere of my brain activated and alive, pulsing all at once.  And my eyes looked away and opened up instantly, like I was stunned.  Immediately I could feel my rings were getting tight as I looked down and my fingers were swollen.  I was resonating with my own beat vibrating like a metronome side to side and then forward and backward.  I was moving in teeny little circles that felt like massive circles moving my entire body, until it happened and I knew it was another gateway to enlightenment.  My circles immediately reversed themselves.  This has only happened one other time for me and it was after witnessing December 21, 2012 at Chichen Itza when everything was in alignment and I had a spiritual experience while seated in lotus position in front of the main Rothko paining at the Menil Chapel in Houston days after we returned from Mexico.  But this time it was just a profound and just as mysterious.  I wasn’t sure what was happening.  All I knew was that this time I could not move.  I could feel my nose running and I wondered where I could find a kleenex.  But it was in my backpack which was behind me.  Shit! How am I ever going to get that? As I continued to reverberate and the guy has his hand on my knee because he is still in my space right there with me watching me, when he looks around and whispers, I can come back for the right nostril.  When I move my hand to his, motioning to wait, and then he says, I’ll give you a smaller portion this time.  And he does.  I am trying to hold still as we are connecting visiually, and breathing when he puffs the second portion up my right nose and that’s when I experienced grounding like never never ever before.  And I teach students how to ground, but nothing had or has ever come close to this feeling of truly connecting to the ground, to the grid, to the planet.  Honestly, I felt my hips disappear.  Completely gone, I was conscious from the waist up.  That was it and the top half was vibrating with the pulsing of the planet anyway.  But now, I am totally and completely connected to the void.  And it felt super fantastical.  By now, I am a total spec of consciousness looking down at myself going, YEAH! SANDY!  You GO Girl!  It’s HAPPENING!  You are truly connecting to the ground and the grid of life and you can do anything from that space.  You only thought you were grounding before, but this, wow, this takes the cake!

Remember, this is all in my head and from the spec perspective above me.  From the outside, I am like a weeble wobble silently rotating with the planet, puffy faced I’m sure, tears gently running down my face, eyes wide open, and I don’t even remember blinking.  I’d close my eyes and could feel the top half and the bottom half as I also started breathing faster and even let our a slight moan I think, but no one else noticed.  Everyone was in their own experience.  Except for the lady next to me.  She turned away from me a bit, which was perfect because she was not having the same experience I was, that’s for sure.

Then, suddenly I was shocked to find music reverberating through the teepee and shocked to open my eyes and find the guy in front of my again holding a bowl he was playing about an inch from my heart.  I tried to look down and closed my eyes as the sound wave grew bigger and bigger and I don’t remember if it was before this or after, but I could specifically feel the difference between both halves of my body literally clicked into place together.  That’s when I knew that I was at Burning Man just for this one major experience of a lifetime.  I would have never signed up for this if I had read about it or was invited.  No way, but now that I was here and drawn in and in the middle of it, I knew deep in my heart of hearts that this is what I had come for.  The timing was perfect.  I couldn’t over think it, or be distracted.  No way.  I was there.  I was solid.  It was happening, no matter how scarey it looked from the outside.  And I was better for it.

By now he has been playing the bowls on everyone’s heart and even over their head since I was seated with about say twelve other people and as I opened my eyes every now and then, I could see the others and they were all slumped over motionless or laying back on the ground, which looked great to me.  But how can I do that?  I’d have to turn around or move and I still needed a tissue for my nose.  Time must have sped up, because soon others were coming in and somehow I dragged myself to the ground and then back up to get my things and leave.  I really wasn’t sure how I was going to actually ride my bike back to my camp.  When I exited Shamandome, I could barely get to my bike since there were about a hundred or so in between me and my bike! I had to pick it up and walk out to the road with my bike.  Put on my shades.  And started riding slowly.  I wasn’t even a block away when two guys are in the road shouting, Champagne!  Champagne Lounge!

Again, I am looking around, is this for real?  Thinking to myself, Oh, Holy Jesus, Thank You, I need some bubbles and a place to chill for a bit.  I pulled over, locked up my bike and went in.  Standing in line, I get my backpack and remember that I lost my cup last night when I had to pee in it while riding Puff the Magic Dragon… Shit!  Looking around everyone looks clean?  WTF.  Oh, yeah, I heard about this.  The people who show up for the weekend and then leave.  Whatever.  I’ve been here for a week.  I’m at the front of the line, when the pourer is looking at me search my bag yet again for anything to pour some champagne into, when another lady says, I think we have a glass leftover.  She is looking around and finds a plastic champagne glass and then finds the container of disinfectant wipes and just starts cleaning the glass for me.  I look at her with thankfulness and bless her for the cup.  Then, I get my own glass of champagne and I couldn’t be anymore happyer.  Seriously.  The lounge is covered and full of seats and even a DJ as I take a single seat and somehow relax with my used plastic champagne cup all to  myself.  Never. Happyer.

I notice all the beautiful clean people with the same hammered copper mug most likely from Williams Sonoma and it makes me laugh.  If only I knew where my pee cup was, I would have used it for champagne!  But alas, it was back in my tent.  And now I have a real champagne glass even though it’s plastic.  And I hung it off of the back of my backpack and rode home feeling super fantastical.  I knew that I was complete.  I was hungry and tired, but I was ecstatic at my journey from start to finish.  The universe had opened up and I’d arrived prepared and ready to experience my first burn, but this was the cherry on top.  When I got back to camp, I told everyone about my experience when one of my friends says, that sounds like a Yopo Ceremony.  I thought, huh? And pulled out my phone to google it.  I was worried for a second about what had just happened when Google says, that it’s the grandfather ceremony to Ayahuasca which is considered the grandmother medicine and that it was another form of DMT.  Perfect, now I’ve experienced them both and my body needed them to heal and expand my consciousness.

Without proper grounding you can not and will not, not matter what you think, you can’t make anything happen.  Manifesting is a mess without grounding.  Just like the trees, you can’t be any taller than how deep your roots have extended.  It’s a law.  No way around it.  While seated in a circle outside my tent in Yoni Village, Dr. Awkward returns from giving a workshop on Plant Medicines and seated across from me says, since we are all together, I think I’ll give the talk again for you all.  He explained the difference between plant medicines and which supplements to take at what time before during and after to optimize the journey.  Talk about perfect.  It all made sense.  Then, he handed me a handful of supplements and told me to take them all at once.  Gulp, they are all gone and within minutes he was right on the money, because it was again like the easy-bake oven, I know immediately when something is working and DING! I automatically felt better, less tired, more alert, what was that?  He gave us all the list which included some items I didn’t have at home, but now I do.  I feel amazing and ever since I returned from the burn I’ve been a manifesting mamma.  In less than a month upon my return back to the default world, I got my web site cleaned up after years of trying, received cleints for big energy work to help them shift into a happyer life, and then FB fairies offered me a house and roommates within minutes of each other and I moved to Telluride, Colorado where I will continue to inspire others through teaching spin and kundalini classes, offering healing sessions through the Spa and even support the spa boutique at a private club.  The name given to me while at the burn was Sparkle Sponge since I really do want to enjoy and soak up as many experiences as possible and so now I go by Sandy Sparkles.  You can schedule a session with me and I will support your own personal growth and healing utilizing Theta Healing, EFT and even Channeling your guides to help you through transformational journeys opening up your own life to what is truly possible.  Thank you.