Puff the Magic Dragon, Lives by the Sea…

This morning I woke up feeling like I was the nest for a thousand little bees that I couldn’t see!  After a visit to Urgent Care, I am now covered in Permethrine and Tea Tree Oil and I’m feeling great relief.  What does this have to do with Puff the Magic Dragon?  I’ll tell you.  The last time I saw Puff the Magic Dragon, I was riding on his tail across deep playa during Burning Man, and it was THE most fun I’d had in years.  The music that came out of the car as we drove to a distant party was like an all time hit list from my life.  Remember, it’s my manifestation so at first I was surprised to hear certain songs that only I knew, but then later all of my friends started to know more songs.  One of which, I’d never heard before but it goes, My Vagina is 8 miles Wide…  It’s hilarious.  The other songs that caught me were Rhinestone Cowboy and Knock on Wood.  No I am seriously dating myself.  The Point is that I can’t wait until next year when Burning Man returns to have THAT much fun again, do you?  Well, it doesn’t matter what you think, because we both know that NO ONE should have to wait to ride Puff the Magic Dragon to remember what feeling like a kid feels like while you’re an adult.

And that’s what I want to share with you, the fact that I’ve been searching for fun and it hit me in the face with a big white dragon blasting tunes from my past.  Which really sounds funny as I read this to myself.  Haha!

Since July 15th, when I left Austin for my road trip, I’ve had the privilege of house sitting for four of my friends and I’d like to share how they transcended my continual burning man experience…

  1.  At first when I arrived in Colorado, I went to Evergreen since I used to be so happy when I lived there, and you know what?  I found all my friend exactly where I had left them.  And it was so fantastic to see them, have them visit and just be around them.  I was actually starting to feel more comfortable that I’d felt in Texas.  Plus, everywhere I went, even among the grid, when I walked to a certain place, I would instantly remember being there years before, and exactly how that felt and even what I was wearing.  It was creepy and cool at the same time.  After being surprised by it happening once, I started to get used to the feeling and actually looked forward to bumping into past experiences.  Evergreen has grown up.  When I lived there, there were only a few young people like us.  Now, it’s changed and grown up.  Before I felt like I had a secret all to myself.  Now that secret is out!  I was about to leave a friends place, when they went on a surprise vacation and I offered to stay and take care of the dog and the house.  It all worked out so quickly as I had the opportunity to hang out with the Elk in my dear city.  This is when a beautiful male elk came to see me not one, not two, but three times in which he let me get close to him.  He was so beautiful.  I even cut up an apple and just about hand fed it to him.  Plus, hummingbirds started to buzz by me every single morning while I was camping and even while I was at my friends house.  I got used to it and even looked for it.  Even while camping all over the place including Gordon’s Gulch, where I got fully sniffed by a mamma bear that turned out to be injured and explains why she came out at night with her cub looking for food, I was communing with nature.  It’s just what I wanted so badly.  In Sunshine Canyon above Boulder I camped for about a week and every night would look up at the stars to see a massive Summer Triangle twinkling at me.  The next day I met some campers who later told me that they were there to see the meteor showers, when I looked confused and said, I never saw those, but did you see the Triangle?  And he said, No.  Agreeing with him, I said, yep, that was just for me!
  2. We were having fun camping in the Canyon when Zoe’s health just started plummeting, or she was just rebelling, it didn’t look good.  So, I reached out and found my friend’s roommate who was out of town as she offered her apartment in the house.  Staying there was like a dream.  We were safe and there was a yard and it was quiet and the bed was like a cloud.  One morning I woke up and didn’t know where my body was.  I couldn’t feel it, it was just floating in the air.  I slept so well.  And I even hosted a New Moon Wild Women’s Group while I was in the area which drew the most amazing women!  At one point my friend says to me, You mean I house you and you Heal me?  Yep, I said as I nodded.  While I was there, everyone was getting stung by wasps, so one morning I got up, sprayed the nests and when I got one from the ceiling, I put it in a Ziploc bag so everyone could see how beautiful it really is and how sturdy and strong they are.  Then, it went into my altar.  I questioned everything and was able to clear up lots of issues.  Plus, I energetically cleared out the entire house with many different Shaman to Feng Shui rituals and I could physically feel it start to hum in happyness and peace.  Plus, before I left, I had gotten a ticket to Burning Man and when I was going through my list, many items that I didn’t have were manifested and offered to me!  It was pure bliss.
  3. While I was at Burning Man, my friend kept the girls since upon my return I had planned to keep her dogs while house sitting her place.  When I returned, she had one day to spend with me and we had the best time getting mani/pedis and eating which is a joy after being at Burning Man.  Then, I found out that her dogs would be staying at her sisters place and the mail was stopped, so all I had to do was relax in her new house on the side of a mountain.  It was exactly what I had wished for:  A place in the mountains where I could write.  And I finally took time to read one of my manuscripts and it was so good I started editing it immediately, but stopped because I needed some help, which I later found.  I had to wash all of my stuff from the burn with vinegar and this is also where I loved being in a grand kitchen so much that I started to cook.  Plus, since I haven’t felt at home at a place of my own for awhile, this is pretty big for me.  I made waffles and Ayurvedic milk among other things.  I even watched Stranger Things during the full moon while the windows kept flashing with a far-off storm somewhere.  It was creepy and cool.  I slept like a rock.  The next day, I knew it was time to make the move permanent and headed back to Cypress to retrieve my computer, passport, bike and winter clothes.
  4. From Cypress, there was the amazing Oneness Spiritual Gathering where I had the opportunity to lead a Wild Women’s Group Ceremony, plus a Fairy experience that was truly amazing with so many stories and the rare opportunity to commune with nature giving the fairies the opportunity to meet us half way.  A few doctors appointments later, and a trip to Costco, I was back on the road to Colorado and this time I had to be in Denver by a certain time to give my girlfriend a ride to the airport and then take up residence in her condo for the month.  That’s where I am now, and this past weekend was the biggest full moon eclipse in years and we won’t be seeing the moon get so close to earth until 2034 or so.  Interestingly enough, again, I was feeling completely off kilter and my mind kept running so fast, with images and experiences just pulsing through my body like it was set to random on a music app.  Yet as I look back, it was after the full moon that I signed the lease for my new place in Telluride!  Finally, I can stop taking care of everyone else’s place and take care of my OWN.  That’s exactly what I’ve wanted for so long and it’s happening.

It’s my turn to take care of myself and it’s already started.  I’ve got an address in Telluride!