Burning Man 2016: Realize Sacred Contact – Living Mandala in the Sand

Realize Sacred Contact is a communal art space based upon sacred geometry offering experiences from social interaction to self-individuation and divine union. This living mandala of the universe guides human knowing to its inner source for an experience of oneness and unconditional love.

Realizing Sacred Contact is a phenomenon that involves activating and opening the third eye of conscious awareness. The living mandala represents the universe and offers the community the opportunity to focus within. Here they will realize their own human potential as connections to divine consciousness. Conscious awareness is inherent in every single person, yet many are unaware of their potential and fearful of their divine source. RSC offers an altered state of living. As they come upon this living 40’ in diameter mandala, they are offered a journey towards a sense of oneness located at the center of the exhibit, embodied in a ball of golden light representing love and divine union.

Entering the site, the community is guided towards self-individuation as the terrain and spatial areas offer a heightened awareness of balance between female-yin and male-yang. At the very center is the eye of knowing, where a ball of golden light draws one’s awareness into the light that encompasses the spirituality of human consciousness.

To realize is to see with real-eyes and not with any false sense of knowing, but with deep inner love for one’s self. Realizing Sacred Contact is for each burner to experience, enjoy and remember for years to come as we all exponentially grow in our own group consciousness, inspiring humanity to attain his or her own true divine passion, one burner at a time.

Physical and Interactivity
Realizing Sacred Contact will be viewed from afar as a 28’ tall tetrahedron floating above a 40’ diameter circular mandala offering nonstop public access. Inside the mandala there will be three opposing half spheres or bowls for group and private interaction. Inviting and illuminated by colored LED lighting, these large bowls will ground the exhibit and offera unique location to meet for social and group interaction.

In addition, there will be six sections of seating, each flanking one of three support columns framed by the tetrahedron for contemplation and meditation. Two additional and spatially recognized tetrahedrons diminishing in size will offer participants a journey into the mandala while creating movement, flow and pattern towards the center.

Inside the main tetrahedron floating 18’ off the ground are four copper-colored triangles, interlaid to create a twelve-pointed star drawing the focus upwards. Inside each point of the star is a spinning disc inscribed with a symbol, each representing a different form of spirituality uniting as one collective universal consciousness.

At the very center of the top section of the main tetrahedron there is a distinct ball of golden light visible from outside the mandala. Directly below this central focal point will be a raised and illuminated area to experience being at the center of the universe uniting the collective universal consciousness with their inner sacred source of wisdom and knowing.

Fits the Mission
Realize Sacred Contact aims to guide burners into an experience of oneness within themselves. It offers an opportunity to tap into a source of knowing that they are never really alone. The living mandala is a representation of the universe as a symbol of radical inclusion.

This exemplifies the 10 Principles of Burning Man starting with decommodification of the project, as it is pure color, texture and light. The living mandala encourages radical self-reliance as burners take a journey within. Participants are able to join others inside the pods as they meet others coming from the playa. From there, they can dance, meditate, or even relax on the benches as they move towards the light in the middle, enjoying the twelve-pointed star high above their heads as a representation of all spiritual philosophies joined together by one love for a collective consciousness.

This project is a massive communal effort to collectively grow the human consciousness one person and one flame at a time. We are all basically 99.99% the same recognizing that together we are parts of one whole of life and the universe. Together we will all participate in finding our way to the mandala, as our own inner flame is drawn to the source, like bees to the hive. It is our civic responsibility to continue creating opportunities for the human race to experience this type of love that exists from the divine source within one of us.

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