Exactly What Can I Expect During a Session with Sandy Castillo?

I get this question often, so here are the details as I invite you to schedule your Initial Consultation.

Together we would schedule time for your session and it may be your initial consultation, weekly session or a small group session.
Here’s what you will need:

  1. Focused investment in yourself and Openness to learning new ways of self-expression
  2. Dedication and Attention to your own health and learning new healing modalities
  3. Computer access to either Skype or Zoom depending on if we’d like to record it or not
  4. Feet on the ground for proper connection to the earth
  5. Large glass of water or non-caffeinated tea easily reachable during the session
  6. Computer camera focused on you and your face so that we can see each other’s eyes
  7. Private area so you can be comfortable saying how you really feel and learning new breath work

As a Cultural Advocate, Mentor an Coach, here is what to expect for your experience:

  1. Complete Confidentiality
  2. Sacred Space in which to share your deepest thoughts, feelings, dreams and ideas
  3. Time focused on you and your situation with specific mentoring and coaching precisely for you
  4. Evidence-based healing modalities conducted online and together directly for your benefit
  5. Tools identified for you to use for your benefit throughout the week
  6. Follow up email outlining highlights from the session
  7. Suggested tools to use to further enhance your personal experience
  8. Guidance to continue practicing supporting yourself through the experience even after the session
  9. Optional text messages and calls to continue engaging in your own transformative experience

Tools you will be exposed to are:

  1. Easy to use and Self Soothing
  2. Based on nature and all natural to your body
  3. Free for anyone to use and any time
  4. Focused on breathing, tapping, energy, movement and awareness techniques
  5. Super Powers as I mirror you and put a voice to what your body is saying

Each Session and Each Client is Different, but many of the following issues arise that are similar including:

  1. Resistance to Change
  2. Physical pain or mental anguish from past experiences
  3. Challenges at work, or in a relationship
  4. Coping with health related issues affecting quality of life
  5. Sessions range from 30 to 120 minutes depending on depth of work needed

Schedule your first introductory session with Sandy online HERE
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text  | 713-232-9796.