Sonya Sophia School of Living Arts

As my life continues to become more ecstatic in nature, I was introduced to Sonya and invited to work together but first I needed to complete the training to become an EFT Practitioner.  It was a beautiful coming together of friends in Houston with new friends in Austin.  Little did I know I was about to leap into another beautiful journey of self discovery that continues to lead me deeper into my own healing nature.  First, the online training was phenomenal.  It included educational video’s, interviews, and TedTalks about the history and research completed on Emotional Free Tapping (EFT).  At the same time, I had just been introduced to Sonya Sophia when a friend of mine shared a tap on money with me and it lead to an intense journey that incorporated lots of laughter and deep insights on how I view money and love.  I loved what Sonya represented and that is healing humanity so that we can all get ON with our lives.  She is a giving soul with enlightenment in her eyes for each and all of us.  With her love and guidance, she allowed me to just dive in head first!  I had never done anything like EFT before and it was a great opportunity to dig into my own stuff and get it all out.  I had no idea that my wish was about to come true!

Less than two weeks later, we were meeting in Northern California at a retreat called Compound Joy where we would all spend ten days together working, and healing our own selves and each other in the process.  But before I got there, I was constantly attached to the online teacher training keeping up with everyone else that had started weeks before me.  The goal was to have it completed before we arrived at the retreat. But you know me, I got it done.

Then, I was off to California with a friends from dance that I didn’t know where already registered and that felt great to know a handful of people before leaving!  The retreat at Compound Joy was full of new friends from all over the planet and soon we became one big family.  We were all meant to be there.  It was like a slice of heaven as we spent each day with great food, and met on the Tennis Court for the 5 Tibetan Exercises, before learning the 17 Chinese Wand Innercises, and then ending with the Ascension Attitudes Meditation in the sun.  We would then have our educational segment with Sonya that was recorded and ended with a massive group tap for us to fall into our own healing experience that included lots of A-Ha moments and big shifts.  Of course, I was journalling the entire experience and it was amazing.

Then, we would have another nourishing meal before heading off around the house to complete a tapping trade where we would practice being the practitioner with a friend (that we connected with after a short ecstatic dance) and then break before meeting again to switch roles and then lead a tap for your partner.  Tap trades took at least three or four hours.  And Compound Joy is on twenty acres, so there were lots of places to meet with your partner to facilitate the trade.  This went on with different partners daily until the end of the week, we were focused on Relationships, our Divine Path, and Manifesting our Future Self.  There were even a few partys that were perfectly timed and genius if you ask me – so I won’t give it all away so you can be surprised yourself!

The EFT Intensive Retreat is where you earn your wings.  And after we all graduated and returned back to our home towns, we’ve continued to tap trade for each other via Skype since we are all infinitely connected.  Returning back to our home places as emotionally cleared meant we were shaking up our lives and the lives around us.  After a brief moment of expansion and contraction into our lives that we had left, we were all a bit different.  For me, my experience meant I was seeing life differently, more in tune with my divine self and more at un-ease with my reality as it continues to change for the better!  As we all become more enlightened and increased our awareness, then the duality of life starts to fuse together into one heightened consciousness.  Gone are the days of doing one thing to receive money and then spending it on completely other things.  It’s all love and as we move from conditional love and conditional money, then we can co-create a community full of unconditional love and let the money flow.

I’ve completed thirty complimentary sessions and have already started receiving clients for EFT sessions both in person and via the web for long distance sessions. For me, it’s a bit different in that I offer my own version of energetic EFT sessions due to my training, experience and emotional intelligence. If you are interested in learning more about EFT and would like to schedule an introductory session, please contact me via Text or Call at 713-232-9796.  With Light and Love!