Survivor Scientist Program, American Association of Cancer Research

As a Survivor Scientist, this will be my first time to create a poster about a topic and it is only fitting that it is on The Trifecta Effect.  When a group of scientifically-trained consumer advocates were lobbying in Texas for a better selection process to place advocates on CPRIT committees, we were looked at as if we were unicorns, or something that didn’t really exist.  One aide said, “You want the Trifecta!  Where are we going to find Scientifically-trained, consumer, advocates?” Well, now my goal with this years poster is to share a comprehensive list of educational opportunities available for consumers to broaden their knowledge base and training specifically launched through the breast cancer industry.  My aim is to inspire cancer consumers to avoid going back to their way of life, and continue gaining education so that their voices as scientifically-trained consumer advocates can continue affecting future generations in a collaborative and productive manner.  For me, I went back to school at Rice for one year studying Nonprofit Leadership and then became a Business Development and Community Outreach Consultant specializing in Breast Health Services.  I am thankful for everyone’s support over the past five years and amazed at how many incredible experiences I am able to share with others.  Thank you.

In addition, if you would like to help me get back to DC to lobby for Breast Cancer Research, along with others representing Texas, please click here to make a tax-deductible donation before April 17th.  Thank you!:  NBCC Advocate Summit 2014