Aurora Intensives: April 5-6 or 7-8, 2017

Aurora Borealis Intensives

These are small group intensive learning retreats scheduled throughout the weekend and week days to kick start your journey and help you leap frog into happyness and healing.

The next scheduled Aurora Small Group (6-10 person) Intensive is below and you must have completed the Northern Lights Intensive before proceeding to the Midnight Sun.

Plus, you are welcome to utilize both the Week DAY and Week END classes to fit your personal schedule.  Classes are limited in size and held in a private home.  You will leave with an incredible amount of experience and skill from experiencing different modes of healing journeys and a workbook with videos to refer back to as you continue on your own and with 2 (two) sixty-minute private Empowerment Sessions.

Northern Lights is the first step in this Aurora Intensive and covers evidence-based healing modalities in a small group setting with training, and experiential sessions followed by relaxation techniques for a lovely journey into tools and techniques you can take home immediately and use. Open for novices to advanced practices in conscious healing arts and also provides incredible interaction within the group.

Midnight Sun is the second step, or day two in the Aurora Intensives and covers more intense evidence-based healing modalities with experiential sessions followed by deeply therapeutic tools and techniques for a quicker recovery depending on your own pace.  Both Intensives are open for beginners to advanced practitioners of conscious healing arts.

Highlights from Living the Mystery ~ Spring 2017 ~ Tools for a Conscious Lifestyle Program include the following evidence-based healing modalities and will be presented for this one-time only in Houston this Spring:

  1. Northern Lights, Day One
    1. Introduction into Kriya Yoga and Meditation to find grounding, calmness and tune in to your self
      1. This includes teachings, discussions and experiential journeys through the Chakra and Energy Body Systems
      2. You’ll learn tools to calm anxiety and stay alert during stressful times
      3. Note: Please wear comfortable clothes so that you can relax and bring a yoga mat
    2. Meet your IntelliKey guided meditation, interactive activities and discussion to have a refreshing and enlightened journey coming back home to your self
      1. To feel more guided by your own intuition so that you can make better decisions every day!
      2. With the group together, we will be there as a nonjudgmental and supportive atmosphere in which to take this deep dive!
      3. Aligning with your inner wisdom at your own pace, this experiential journey gives you the keys
      4. Depending on the weather, I’d like to take the group to the sanctuary for this final meditation of the day
    3. You will also receive one 60-minute private Empowerment session to schedule within the following six weeks
  2. Midnight Sun, Day two
    1. Conscious Yoga and Meditation is a fusion of teaching for more than thirty years which Sandy created in 2010 and will continue tuning up your own body as we go deeper in understanding and experiential learning
      1. This includes witnessing emotions and possible energy unbalances or even blocks as we continue so that you can focus on rebalancing and fine tuning when needed for yourself
      2. You’ll leave understanding the main principles of Energy Healing including Theta Waves and Reiki
      3. We will take a deeper dive into conscious shifting for a more empowered life feeling centered
    2. Including the 12-minute meditation that scientists have proven improves brain function in patients with Alzheimer’s after daily practice for a period of weeks by resetting and effectively rebooting the brain
      1. Moving from an empowered core and center, we will venture into our own conscious mini-community
      2. Activities and experiments include single and partner meditations with mudra and mantra
      3. Sacred Geometry is a wildly misunderstood set of  principles and ever developing theories which Sandy will share from her experiential point of view of how we are all interconnected and our own universe
    3. You will also receive a second 60-minute private Empowerment session to schedule within the following six weeks


  • WeekDAY Class Small Group Immersion schedule
    • Northern Lights ~ Wednesday, April 5th from 9:30am to 3:30pm
    • Midnight Sun ~ Thursday, April 6th from 9:30am to 3:30pm
    • including healthy organic meals, drinks and snacks on both days for a total of 12 hours


  • WeekEND Class Small Group Immersion schedule
    • Northern Lights ~ Friday, April 7th, 1:30pm to 7:30pm, including dinner
    • Midnight Sun ~ Saturday, April 8th from9:30am to 3:30pm, including lunch
    • including healthy organic meals, drinks and snacks on both days for a total of 12 hours

Save your Seat Today!

  • Save $50 when you bring a friend plus, they will also receive $50 when they register
  • Register for your seat with $855.00 and you’ll receive a workbook and videos to remember what you’ve learned, make notes and be able to refer to in the future when you are ready to practice any of the tools and techniques again
  • You’ll also receive 2 (two) follow up 60-minute Empowerment counseling sessions to be scheduled at your leisure within six weeks of the intensive program via remote access
  • Financial payment options and plans are available to hold your seat in this limited Aurora Intensive
  • Using your credit card, please access Venmo for payments to @SandySparkleCastillo
  • Checks or Cash welcome

SandySparkle is an Empowerment Coach and Intuitive Guidance Counselor helping people live a more inspired life!  She has been a scholared global patient advocate since 2009 bridging the latest in cancer research with the community.  Currently she is on the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship Cancer Policy Action Team Doctor Patient Communication Workgroup with plans to present their research at the Annual Symposium this summer in DC. Sandy has also been teaching group exercise and wellness for more than thirty-one years and now focuses on evidence-based healing modalities and techniques specifically for her intensives, retreats and clients.  More recently Sandy has earned certifications as a Reiki Master, Theta Healer, and EFT Facilitator while she continues sharing her love for students of all ages in both Texas and Colorado with public Sisterhood Circles and hosting events during conscious gatherings.  Sandy studied Architecture and is a lover of all things that make life a happyer place like traveling off the grid in 2016, camping, baking and walking her dogs Zoe and Giselle. In 2015, she authored and continues to share the 7 Pathways to Happyness online through 49 days of blogging which is available on her web site and is the cornerstone of her work.

Remember, we don’t have all day!  And you won’t need me forever!  I’m here to help you excel in these times.  For more health, wealth and happyness!

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