Ascension Intensives

  • Ascension Intensives are 2 hour intensives facilitated in person and for one person at a time.
  • They are typically held at special locations around Houston and include a deeper dive into your experience with Guidance Counseling.
  • We will coordinate our schedules and meet at a privately disclosed location for our session held outside and with specialty teas and treats.
  • This is the time when we will focus the intention towards releasing inner blocks and gremlins living out of site leaving you feeling giddy with excitement by the time the process is complete.
  • Along the way, you will learn useful tools to take with you into the world so that you can tap into these feelings when needed.
  • And finally, you will receive a written document covering our session with highlights so that you can review and remember the work that was initiated together.
  • Intensives can be scheduled during the week, or on the weekends depending on availability.

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